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I Resolve

It’s that time. It’s time to reflect on 2012 and consider a few resolutions for 2013.

Try not to focus on just recent events. This is a challenge, I know. What tends to come to mind are those things that happened recently or were overwhelmingly tragic or (and these are my least favorite) are both recent and tragic. We must own these tragedies as part of the story of us, but we can also allow ourselves to reflect on some victories and joys.

Here are a few 2012 joys off the top of my head:

Can you believe it? Who would have imagined such things were even possible?

But they were possible. And in 2013, I look forward to enjoying many more unbelievably possible moments. In fact, I resolve to enjoy them. I resolve to celebrate the resiliency of human beings. I resolve to recognize our incredible capacity to give and respond to the needs of others. I resolve to make myself aware of the needs of others and actively pursue opportunities to respond to them. I resolve to courageously embrace my vulnerability and dare to achieve the greatness that can result. I resolve to remember to keep faith and hope alive. I resolve to creatively approach each day. I resolve to remain committed to my work and the world that it benefits. I resolve to honor and respect the depth of the human spirit.

As Executive Director of A Woman’s Place (AWP), woman, mother, and run-of-the-mill member of the community, I am excited about 2013 and I resolve to move closer to realizing the vision of a world in which each and every one of us is flourishing.

We are creating our future, and the future of AWP in 2013 will be glorious. Be courageous and brave and, please, join me, in the journey to come in the year to come. Act to achieve peace, equality, and justice. Act to create the future we want – a world in which all beings are flourishing.

Happy New Year!

Ifeoma Aduba
Executive Director

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